Longse & Alibaba Cloud, Signing and Launching Meeting of Digital Factory Project

Longse Technology Limited and Guangzhou Alibaba Cloud Computing Application Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed and launched the “Longse Digital Factory” project on October 25th, 2021.

Yanjian Zhang, Retail Director of Alibaba Cloud Guangdong Branch, Bo Tian, Project Director of Alibaba Cloud Guangdong Branch and other members attended the signing and launching meeting. At the meeting, the two sides discussed and shared the project and the work process.

Digital Factory Project

"Longse Digital Factory" is supported by Alibaba Cloud industrial Internet platform technology. We achieve factory digital management and agile manufacturing through warehousing management system (WMS), manufacturing execution system (MES) and other systems.

"Longse Digital Factory" for the production process of people, machinery, materials, method, environment of data collection monitoring, analysis and prediction, can optimize the utilization rate of resources, improve the accuracy of raw materials, equipment management, and improve quality control capacity. "Longse Digital factory" plays a greater role in further improving the level of refinement of factory management, promoting the improvement of production management system, product quality and product efficiency.

Leader Speech

In his speech, Mingwei Chen, general manager of Longse, reviewed the history of cooperation for more than ten years between Longse and Alibaba Group, and hoped that the project will be successfully delivered and used at an early date. It is hoped that this project will achieve the desired goal, and look forward to achieving more results in the follow-up cooperation with Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Director Yanjian Zhang said in his speech, the project implementation team will work with a sense of ownership and responsibility, build the "Longse Digital Factory" project into the Guangzhou Development Zone Industrial Internet Platform demonstration project, and contribute to achieve Longse’s digital management and business upgrading.

Signing ceremony
In the Longse and Alibaba Cloud senior leadership witness, the two sides communicated with each other on the “Digital Factory” project, reached the common goal and signed the contract.

Longse will be layout of the future with forward-looking vision and continue to promote the digitalization and intellectualization of enterprise.