Longse Public Welfare Activity -- Pass on Love

On the morning of September 9, 2023, Longse Technology participated in the 10th Guangzhou Social Organization Public Welfare Venture Project - "Elderly Friends Club" - Care for the Elderly "Elderly Action" Nursing Home Visit and Comfort Activity.

Since its establishment, Longse Technology has been actively involved in public welfare undertakings, promoting traditional Chinese virtues, guiding social attention to marginalized groups, and caring for and assisting families in difficult circumstances with disabilities.

This "Elderly Action" has brought the volunteers of Longse Technology closer to the elderly in the nursing home, allowing the volunteers to have a deeper understanding of the elderly. Their voices are rarely heard online, but in reality, they need to receive more social attention.

Replace hesitation with action, and let the trickle of love gather into a surging river and sea. Today is just a small glimpse of Longse Technology's dedication to spreading love. On the path of public welfare, we are always in action!