Longse's New Security Surveillance Products Were Praised at the CPSE

On October 25th, the 19th China Public Security Expo (CPSE) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Longse Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Longse") made its debut with its new security surveillance products, receiving unanimous recognition and attention from domestic and international customers at the event.

Longse showcased the black light full-color network camera, dual-lens ultra-wide-angle network camera, and the 4G WiFi camera at the exhibition.

The black light full-color network camera adopts AI ISP algorithm and has made significant breakthroughs in key image processing such as noise reduction, clarity, and color restoration in low light environments, providing excellent image quality. Through new technology, this camera can dynamically adjust image parameters and adapt to the environment, outputting clearer and more realistic images with higher resolution, greatly enhancing the authenticity and detail restoration capabilities of the images.

The dual-lens ultra-wide-angle network camera adopts two lenses for stitching, with a stitched field of view exceeding 175°, covering a wider area, reducing blind spots, and improving security. Additionally, it provides full-color high-definition image effects.

The 4G WiFi camera has advantages in mobility, remote monitoring, real-time transmission, high-speed stability, flexible deployment, and compatibility. It is a convenient and efficient surveillance solution suitable for various environments and scenarios.

At the exhibition, our professional team introduced the features and advantages of the cameras to the customer, explained the various functions in detail, and conducted practical operation demonstrations, allowing customers to experience the powerful performance of the cameras firsthand.