Longse Donated 1 Million Yuan for the Education Cause Development

Education is a fundamental task for the coming generation. Longse is committed to becoming a technological innovation enterprise with social responsibility and sentimentality. Therefore, Longse donated 1 million yuan to South China University of Technology. Longse will support the development of China's education in the long term and contribute to the development of national education. At the same time, it is hoped that this donation will enable individuals to receive better and more effective protection of their right to education, and that the level of talent training and technological supply will gradually increase, and it will become a strong support for our country's economic and social development in the future. On the anniversary of Longse, we will continue to contribute our modest efforts to the society and deliver positive energy.
Donated Plaque by South China University of Technology
Longse Honor Wall

The leaders of South China University of Technology affirmed and thanked Longse for its kind deeds in the development of science and technology education. The university promises to maximize the effectiveness and role of the education fund and promote the vigorous and upward development of education. The university is also grateful to social enterprises and all sectors of society for actively extending a loving hand, marching on the road of public welfare, giving a piece of love, and promoting the development of education with a common sense of social responsibility and public welfare concepts, and making greater contributions to China's future contributions to cultivate scientific and technological talents.

Representatives of Longse Accepted the Honor and Took a Photo

Longse Honor Wall

All the funds raised by South China University of Technology are used to support the various constructions, update teaching and scientific research facilities and improve other school conditions, including subsidizing discipline construction, faculty construction, laboratory construction, infrastructure construction, and setting up teaching awards, scholarships, international exchange funds, scientific research and innovation funds, or other projects related to school education. In the future, 10 new engineering colleges will be built to develop new engineering sciences majors such as artificial intelligence and high-end manufacturing, biomedical science and engineering, marine science and engineering, cultivate top-notch innovative talents, engage in international cutting-edge scientific research, and promote high-level scientific and technological achievements. South China University of Technology is being built into a first-class campus with "high-level, internationalized, and science and engineering characteristics", and improve the overall school-running level of the school.