Partner Program

Global partnership is the core business philosophy of Longse. We find and create new opportunities in the market through collaboration. No matter where you are, joining our partner program will enable you to enter the entire ecosystem of professional security knowledge globally. By obtaining a series of professional knowledge and training, you will easily meet the needs of customers and seize the opportunity. Cooperation with Longse will make you stronger, innovate through a unique business system to provide better support for your customers.

Longse continues to bring cutting-edge video technology to the security industry. We have a complete product line, including network cameras, network video recorders, temperature measuring panel, smart home, storage, transmission and display devices, with more than 300 products. And we provide integrated solutions for retail, medical, financial, transportation, campus and other industries. Now, Longse has become one of the top ten professional video surveillance manufacturers in China.


"Longse Partner Program" provides exclusive services for our distributors and sole agents, customizes according to your needs, and provides comprehensive sales support, brand licensing, professional training, marketing consultation and sharing, brand operation promotion, after-sales service, so that you can enjoy great supports from Longse. With a great experience, our team will provide you with comprehensive services and supports to help you expand your business, achieve your business goals and obtain leading industry information.


1. Sole Agent Supports: in the Longse partner program, we provide competitive prices and performance growth incentive policies.

2. High-quality Product Portfolio Strategy: we offer a full range of product types of security and high-quality product experience to meet the needs of your customers and markets.

3. Comprehensive Marketing Supports: we provide global partner product sharing conferences, global trade exhibitions, official media promotions, and editable marketing collateral.

4. Competitive Pricing Policy: Longse provides partners with a unique pricing system that makes partners easier to manage channel sales. When partners meet the sales goals, partners can get performance incentives.

5. Perfect Training & Certificate System: Longse provides partners with professional technical training and certificate.

6. Product Demonstration: Longse will provide the latest product demonstrations and professional technical guidance.

7. We have technical service policy, multi-level technical support system, monthly product updates to support your sales activities.

8. Product Sales Profit Protection: through the effective upstream and downstream distribution management system, sole agents can make a great profit.

9. Promotional Activities: during the global promotion, Longse will hold preferential purchase activities for some products, such as buying ten get one free, gift-giving, product promotion discounts, lottery draw, product promotion cash rewards, etc.

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