Debriefing the Past,Going Forward

As time goes by, Longse carried out the debriefing activity of middle and senior management in the second quarter of 2022 at the Ausotel Hotel on July 9th-10th, 2022.

The middle and senior management of each department reported to the general assembly, made statements on the completion of the work in the second quarter, the existing problems and the work plan of the third quarter. The senior leaders of Longse commented on the work of the middle and senior managers in the second quarter.

Under the guidance of the middle and senior leaders of each department, all the staff of Longse have established work goals and promoted various work around the business indicators of the enterprise. Shaojun Quan, chairman of Longse, and Mingwei Chen, general manager of Longse, carefully listened to the debriefings of the middle and senior leaders of each department and pointed out that everyone's presentations were focused and relevant, and they also analyzed how to do a good job in the third quarter and the work improvement mode, and jointly made the greatest efforts for the development of the enterprise in the third quarter.

After the debriefing, we all went to Lingshan Island in Nansha for outdoor barbecue and singing. We shared the delicious foods and sang songs. Giggles and joy, through interaction and communication, we will know and more familiarly with each other. We enhance our friendship so that we can work together better in the future.