Longse and Fullhan Set Up a Strategic Cooperative Relationship

Recently, Longse and Shanghai Fullhan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. set up a strategic cooperative relationship. The two sides will focus on the scene landing needs and technical application innovation in the field of security, and comprehensively deepen cooperation. In line with the principle of mutual benefit, long-term cooperation and sustainable development, the two sides will give full play to the technological innovation of Longse in security and the excellent technology accumulation of Fullhan in the field of video processing technology. We cooperate in depth to provide consumers with safe and intelligent security products.

The solutions based on Fullhan are:
•Front ends (cameras): FH8652 (2MP), FH8656 (4/5MP)
•Back ends (recorders): MC6830, MC6850

About Fullhan
Fullhan Microelectronics focuses on video surveillance. The mission of Fullhan is providing the most competitive chips and solutions for video surveillance products. Fullhan provides H.264 codec SoC, image signal processor IC and various solutions of video surveillance products.
In this strategic cooperation, we will further integrate and advance together in the industrial development, and strive to create a win-win situation for the global security market to provide customers with cost-effective product solutions.