Longse provides all employees with heart-warming gifts for the Spring Festival

In order to thank everyone for their hard work in the past year, the company leaders and the company labor union launched a Spring Festival activity on the afternoon of January 25th. An affordable Spring Festival gift was held in the hands of the employees, which is warming their hearts.

Spring Festival Gift

The Spring Festival gift distributed this year is essential consumer goods for employees' daily life at home. The Spring Festival gift includes rice and cooking oil, which saves employees time in purchasing holiday supplies. A gift carrying the company's care is delivered to the employees, and it also represents the sincere greetings and Spring Festival blessings sent by the company leaders to every employee and their family members.

The distribution site was permeated with a festive and harmonious atmosphere.

Longse attaches great importance to the humanistic care for employees, and distributes considerate and affordable gifts to employees, which reflects our people-oriented corporate culture. Longse makes employees feel the warmth of the company and family, and adds impetus to the development of the company.

The heart-warming gift not only brought a Spring Festival blessing to everyone, but also brought a lot of touch to the hearts of the employees. Everyone expressed that they will definitely turn the care of the leaders into the driving force of work in 2021, and contribute to the company's leap-forward development!