Smart Passenger Transport

Relevant requirements of the State Council in 2010 requires that satellite positioning devices complying with JT/T794-2011 must be installed for Tourist Chartered Buses, Liner Buses and Dangerous Goods Transport Vehicles , and access to the national key operation vehicle network control system. In this context, with the rapid growth of the national passenger transport industry, both passenger transport companies and transportation departments at all levels are seeking ways to operate safely and improve services. Longse according to JT/T794-2011 and  JT/T808-2013 and national standards GB/T19056-2012 “Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder ” and Beidou Compatibility, integrate application features such as 3G / 4G real-time video, CAN bus data extraction, operational data statistics, blind sight, and dangerous road section warning to create a scientific passenger dispatch monitoring system, helping passenger transport company become a new type of information and intelligent transportation company.

Longse passenger transportation dispatching monitoring system uses GPS / BD positioning, wireless communication, GIS maps and video processing technologies, through a unified platform, real-time monitoring, scheduling, communication, and video monitoring of the dynamic position of passenger vehicles can be realized, forming a comprehensive monitoring management. Effectively regulate driving routes and speeds through technical means such as GPS positioning, electronic fences (local alarm), line shift alarm, and speed limits to ensure driving safety, passenger safety and the interests of operating companies. Through real-time video monitoring and video storage, It can also prevent problems such as overtaking, overloading, speeding and carry passengers privately, collecting fares privately and other unauthorised transportation. In addition, it can make correct responses in a timely manner when an emergency occurs in the vehicle, and obtain evidence after the event.

Vehicle Dynamic Real-time Monitoring

Logging into Longse vehicle dynamic monitoring and dispatching platform can monitor the vehicle's geographic location, running status and violation status in real time, realize multi-line vehicle monitoring and lock monitoring. The platform will issue an alarm when the vehicle deviates from the route, stops overtime or is overspeed, and the monitoring center can release dispatch information in time according to the vehicle information.

The vehicle dynamic monitoring and dispatching platform has functions of picture capture, security alarm, real-time positioning, TTS voice broadcast, intelligent dispatch, trajectory playback and report statistics, to meet the various needs of the transportation industry and large enterprises and institutions for vehicle information management and safety monitoring. The platform support all types of Longse product.

In-car Visual Video Monitoring
The supervision of passenger vehicles uses GPS / Beidou monitoring platform to realize the real-time grasp of vehicle position information, but it is not possible to grasp the situation inside the vehicle during driving. Use the expansion of on-board video monitoring system to realize visual monitoring in the car.
Longse video surveillance management cloud platform is a professional video software developed specifically for video, which can realize multi-screen 3G / 4G real-time video surveillance, mobile video surveillance (supports Android and IOS systems), local and remote video playback, and video inspection, flow management, alarm management, video download, picture capture and system management functions. It is a professional video surveillance management system. The system provides real-time visual supervision of emergencies and midway getting on and off the vehicle, and effectively monitors the driver's behavior, which not only guarantees the safety of the operation, but also improves the operating efficiency of the enterprise.

Vehicle Terminal Escort

Both vehicle positioning and video monitoring need to be realized through on-board terminals with GPS/ Beidou positioning and video transmission functions.
Vehicle traveling data recorder installed in passenger vehicle by Longse has multiple functions including GPS/Beidou dual-mode positioning, 3G/4G real-time video monitoring, traveling data recorder, TTS voice, 6-channel image capture and alarm. Through the cameras installed on the vehicle, real-time picture transmission and storage are realized. The monitoring center can view inside, front and behind of the vehicle through the video monitoring platform. In the event of accidents or passenger disputes, videos can be taken for verification to fully protect the rights of passengers and operating companies.

Prevent Drunk Driving to Ensure Driving Safety

In China, there are tens of thousands of traffic accidents caused by drunk driving every year, and more than 50% of fatal accidents are related to drunk driving. The dangers of drunk driving are alarming and have become the number one killer of traffic accidents, especially for passenger vehicles, accidents are more harmful and the consequences are more serious. For this , Longse has developed a drunk driving detection system for driver alcohol detection, which integrates functions such as alcohol detection, surveillance video, and driver swipe card. Data can be transmitted synchronously between the site and the computer management center through the 3G/4G network. It can also work offline and independently without a network connection, and automatically transmit data when it is networked.

When a driver was tested for excess alcohol, the driver cannot punch in to work, and the platform will notify the supervisor through SMS to improve the timeliness of supervision. This system is designed according to industrial standards, with high integration, powerful functions and strong scalability, which improves management efficiency of the operating company and provides a strong guarantee for the prevention of drunk driving.

Longse has focused on the intelligent transportation field for many years. With its deep independent R&D capabilities and design innovation strength, it has developed core products such as comprehensive application software and hardware products for bus IoT, video monitoring platform software and hardware products, Beidou / GPS positioning monitoring products.

Longse provide professional transportation industry solutions, professional software and hardware products and content service to the world.