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Introduction of 6 AI Functions of Longse IPC, NVR and XVR Date: 2019-11-20

Longse new AI monitoring products including IPC, NVR and XVR, which were launched in CPSE 2019 and attracted much attention by customers. Now let’s introduce our 6 new AI functions in detail.
Face Recognition & Face Comparison

A facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying a person from a digital image. They work by comparing selected facial  features from given image with faces within a database.  

Face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified. It used in a variety of applications such as security and defense, retail and marketing and healthcare.

Longse has added face recognition and face comparison function in the camera and recorder. When the target appears in the picture, the camera will lock the face, capture,  display the target physical characteristics information, then compare it with the face data in the database and display the corresponding information, the recorder will even alarm according to the comparison result.
Crossover Detection

Longse crossover detection detects moving people that cross a virtual line, making it possible to automatically trigger an event. The application will work in most indoor and outdoor installations and in variable lighting conditions, like building entrances and parking lots.
Crossover detection is easy to configure
First we need to draw a cordon in monitoring screen. When a target crosses the line, the AI camera and AI recorder will alarm immediately.
Intrusion Detection

Tracks moving people that cross a virtual area that set up first, when activity is discovered, the AI camera and AI recorder will alarm immediately. 

Loitering Detection

Loitering detection function detect human being stays in the predefined area longer than 1 min, then the AI camera and AI recorder will alarm immediately. That can help prevent crime such as vandalism and break-ins.

The application of Intrusion detection and loitering detection is ideal for low-traffic areas and after business hours on semi-public properties.
People Gathering Detection

Gatherings of people always involve a common goal, if the gathering people is  emotionally unstable, it could easily lead to unfortunate accidents or confrontations, such gatherings are often the beginning of security problems. People gathering detection will monitor the screen, when more than two targets appear in the  predefined area, the AI camera and AI recorder will immediately alarm, then you can take precautions. 
More Longse AI Functions configuration please see #AI video



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