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Longse Releases Warm Light Full Color IP/HD Camera in CPSE 2019 Date: 2019-10-28

Longse Warm Light Full Color IP/HD Camera offers 24-hour color surveillance even in extremely dark night environment. A start-light sensor and warm supplemental lighting to deliver high quality color image in dark night without the need for external IR or white-light illumination.

The Warm Light Full Color IP/HD Camera can capture more bright details in low light environments, the warm light is natural and not glaring, then the human face wouldn’t be exposed and the color is more real. The ideal place for the camera including parking lots, night security at industrial parks, building exteriors and interiors, urban streets, traffic intersections and anywhere that security is needed but poor lighting. 
Support H.265/H.265+
H.265+ technology reduces bit rate and storage requirements when compared to standard H.265 and H.264 video compression.
3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D NR)

3D NR technology make the overall image more delicate.

Support POE
POE technology offers a plug-and-play solution to transmit power and data over long distances via ethernet cables. For video security and surveillance installers, POE technology saves time and money by reducing overall cabling requirements.

IP67 Ingress Protection

IP67-rated housing making the unit more than capable of handing external applications where water spray is less of a concern. 

Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR)
Digital WDR (D-WDR) technology can optimize image quality according to the lighting conditions in order to offer clear picture, even under very bright or dark areas.

Corridor Mode
Warm Light IPC BMSASL200WL also supports mirror and support audio.
Longse Technology is a professional IOT (Internet of Things) solution provider with video as the core, we committed to providing users with more secure, more intelligent security monitoring products.


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