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Longse 4CH Wi-Fi NVR, Wireless, Limitless Date: 2019-03-05

h Definition Image, wireless transmission
High fidelity, no wiring, labor saving. Longse 4CH Wi-Fi NVR could support up to 5MP
(2592×1944) of high-definition images, the details are delicate and exquisite, always enjoy the clarity and comfort of preview and playback. In the conventional wiring method, which the wiring is complicated and costly, now you’re free of it.

300m barrier-free transmission 
Hard router, strong connection. The hard router setting allows the IP Camera to be more stable and directly connected to the NVR. The camera could be connected more quickly and is not easy to drop, and the coverage radius would reach 300 meters in an open environment. Show our sincerity and responsibility in the details to provide customers with reliable and trustworthy services as usual.

H.265+  encoding
Low occupancy and cost savings. Storage space is also a particularly advanced function for cameras Longse 4CH Wi-Fi NVR recorder supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, and H.264 encoding standards, which can effectively to reduce the occupation of storage space and have the advantages of maintaining low code stream and high- definition image.

Multi-platform applications  
Easy to manage remote monitoring .Commit to making the monitoring work more convenient, Longse independent research and development of OCX\VMS\Bitvision remote management platform, suitable for Longse 4CH Wi-Fi NVR recorder, in line with users ' needs for video recorders in computers, web pages, mobile phones, tablet platforms. To make work management easier .

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