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Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera, Higher Security Level Date: 2019-02-27

Enjoy Details All Day & Night
Finding the details on the screen will be effortless. Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera adopts a 1/2.8" SONY Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor with 3MP HD lens to deliver 1920 x 1080 HD images quality. The camera also supports Super Starlight while monitoring, showing the bright images even under the dark night that you can’t see clearly. Once you experience it, you will love it. 

3 Modes to The Environment
The brightness to the environment does influence the video quality somehow. Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera supports 3 fill light modes to adjust in terms of the brightness of the environment through PC. The Smart Mode enables the camera to optimize the pictures automatically by the fill light according to the environment’s changes. When it gets dark, the night vision will be turned on. The Manual Mode is designed for the preference of users who want to adjust themselves knowing what brightness they want exactly. And The Time Mode makes the camera turn on the light by the time set up to save you time and energy. 

Dual Antenna to Make Transmission Better
Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera supports 2.4G and 5G dual-frequency standards, making images transmission fast. Wi-Fi 5G frequency band has better anti-interference ability, and images under the band can be perfectly transmitted in places with dense crowds such as shopping mall, street, restaurant and so on. And its range can reach up to 300m without obstacles. You now can say goodbye to the inefficient images transmission experience.

Detect and Alarm
The faster the camera detects, the less risks. Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera can alarm immediately by light shinning and sound alert when capturing the objects to control every potential risk in time. Plus, you can also set up the detecting area in motion detection through PC to better enhance the security level, making your places safer under excellent detection capabilities.

Low Occupancy. Save More Costs.
Storage space occupies an important position in Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera. The camera supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, and H.264 encoding standards, which can reduce the video storage space occupation and maintain low bit rate and high image quality.
More Powerful with New App
There would be a greater experience for your monitoring work through new app from now on. Longse 2MP Wi-Fi Sound-Light Alarm IP Camera is compatible with new application which enables you to check updates of your places by phone and tablet anytime and anywhere, with smoother experience and personalized settings. You will love it.

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