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Longse 4CH SDI DVR, enjoy stunning images Date: 2019-01-28

Hybrid Mode to monitor
With different signals input from the cameras, you might be wondering if they both could be working simultaneously on the screen by video recorder. Longse 4CH SDI DVR supports Hybrid Mode that allows SDI and IPC signals to preview and play back at the same time with HD pixels up to 4M and 8M respectively. You can enjoy clear and smooth details over the screen without blur. HD and VGA will be also available having you enjoyed HD quality of images. What the mode can do is create higher efficiency and lower cost for your monitoring work. 

Low Occupancy. Save More Costs.
Storage space occupies an important position in Longse 4CH SDI DVR. The NVR supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, and H.264 encoding standards, which can reduce the video storage space occupation and maintain low bit rate and high image quality.

Massive Storage Can Get The World
Large-capacity storage can become a major advantage of DVR. Longse 4CH SDI DVR, supports 1 2.5’’/3.5’’ SATA hard disk with storage up to 8TB, equivalent to 256 pieces of SD cards with 32GB. Its cost performance is even higher than you ever think.

More Powerful with New App *
There would be a greater experience for your monitoring work through new app from now on. Longse 4CH SDI DVR is compatible with new application where enables you to check updates of your places by phone and tablet anytime and anywhere, with smoother experience and personalized settings. 8 ways to view can also amaze you, having it recorded more objects. All the needs are covered over remote management for you. You will love it.

*For experiencing the live video over the app please go to webiste to download:

Public account to view the live video:
Password: Longse728

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