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Longse 4MP Wi-Fi Fisheye Camera, 360°journey with new app Date: 2018-12-15

Clearer Pictures at Its Quality
Longse 4MP Fisheye Camera, equipped with 1/2.9’’ Low Illumination CMOS Sensor, delivers smooth, exquisite and clear images at 4MP. Its wide-angle lens, enables the camera to monitor in horizontal view in 360 degrees, capturing more objects in the picture.
Besides, WDR and 3DNR the camera supports will be of optimization making pictures smoother without light exposure and noise, having you enjoyed every image in monitoring.

300-Meter WIFI Transmission
WIFI can also be a role integrating with surveillance products to show better performance. With WIFI, Longse 4MP Fisheye Camera can deliver the images within 300m under no obstacles. Its great performance can help get rid of complicated wiring projects.

Two Benefits with One Cable
Wiring was complicated and costly in traditional method. Yet, PoE is able to bring 2 benefits to solving those problems easily. It empowers the network cable that supports not only the power to camera but also the network, making the work more convenient and cheaper.

Journey with New App
There would be a greater experience for your monitoring work through new app from now on. Longse 4MP Fisheye Camera is compatible with new application where enables you to check updates of your places by phone and tablet anytime and anywhere, with smoother experience and personalized settings. 8 ways to view can also amaze you, having it recorded more objects. The camera also supports OCX, VMS, and FreeIP. All the needs are covered over remote management for you. You will love it.

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