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Longse 5MP PoE NVR, feel the images Date: 2018-11-07

Feel and Stay Amazed in All Real Time Recording
Each shot is presented with delicate and natural effects. Longse 5MP PoE NVR supports HD and VGA output, with All Real Time picture resolution up to 5MP. No sticking situations happened in previewing and playback. It amazes you and makes you feel surprised whenever you watch the videos.

Get It Started Quickly
Too many devices might give you a complicated impression while using. Plug & Play that Longse 5MP PoE NVR supports can streamline the using process - power connected to NVR - as in images transmission, which makes work more effective.

Low Occupancy. Save More Costs.
Storage space occupies an important position in Longse 5MP PoE NVR. The NVR supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, and H.264 encoding standards, which can reduce the video storage space occupation and maintain low bit rate and high image quality.
Massive Storage Can Get The World
Large-capacity storage can become a major advantage of NVR. Longse 5MP PoE NVR, supports 1 SATA with storage up to 6TB, equivalent to 192 pieces of SD cards with 32GB. Its cost performance is even higher than you ever think.

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