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Longse 8MP HD Camera, charm of UHD Date: 2018-10-17

Let the Beauty Show 
Inserted IR lights in Longse 8MP HD Camera, the IR-CUT will enhance and improve the picture quality either day or night, by solving the color deviation, delivering a stunning viewing experience. 

UHD for your pictures 
Still think that the resolution is not enough for your needs in monitoring? Longse 8MP HD Camera, with up to 8MP UHD for the signals including AHD, TVI, CVI and CVBS, can output crystal clear pictures. Plus, WDR and 3DNR the camera supports will be of optimization making pictures smoother and moderate without light exposure and noise. 

IP66 protection 
The housing, LBW90, integrates design inspiration and aluminum alloy melting process that supports IP66 protection for the surface. You’ll not be worried about your camera in dusty air and rainy day.

Dual voltage protection 
When the installation position of the camera is far from the power supply, the DC voltage to the camera will be dropped, which may cause the camera to malfunction. Longse 8MP HD Camera supports AC 24V, DC 12V that the dual voltage protection can switch to AC 24V under voltage attenuation to provide stable voltage input to ensure normal operation.

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