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Longse to launch the first batch of 5-in-1 XVR Series supported by bitvision Date: 2018-09-25

bitvision, a whole new remote management application, provides users with upgraded experience and new functions in using, and is now able to support the first batch of XVRs in which they are 4K XVR (XVRDKA3108DB), 5M XVR (XVRDA2004HD & XVRDA3116DB), and 1080N XVR (XVRDA2008D & XVRDA3132L).
The Longse H.265 5-in-1 XVR series with supporting five signals and supporting up to 4K HD resolution can make you enjoy visually. Important details you want can also be seen perfectly. The series supports up to 32 channels of monitoring input, making it easier to maintain even a large amount of monitoring work. Never worried about the coverage and efficiency. They hence are compatible with bitvision, having you enjoyed the new platform that has better monitoring experience.

Now, the application can manage your products more humanely. Through bitvision, you can turn on the alarm switch and deployment time for weeks, and can select the encoding standard of H.265 and H.264, and the resolution and frame rate in the application in which it not only saves space, but also lowers the requirement for the network speed. Storage management can also be easily realized by bitvision, and the capacity of the hard disk or the TF card can be viewed at any time. If needed, you can format it too.
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