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Longse 2MP Starlight Fixed Camera, see the details at the dark Date: 2018-08-31

Heat Dissipation Design
High or low temperature may affect the normal operation of monitoring, and may even lead to reduce the life expetancy of the camera. In the design of Longse 2MP Starlight Fixed Camera, the metal material is used to dissipate heat through the aluminum alloy casing, which avoids the broken situation.

Enjoy the Details at the Dark
When the night comes, it brings challenges to the monitoring work. Longse 2MP Starlight Fixed Camera adopts 1/2.8" Starvis back-illuminated CMOS sensor, with 2MP HD lens that delivers 1920 x 1080 full-color HD quality under the dark night, treating the night as day. WDR and IR-CUT can also help solving the problems like exposure and color deviation over the pictures. Home, classroom, supermarket, office, and corridor can be the places where you can enjoy the details.
Two Benefits with One Cable
Wiring was complicated and costly in traditional method. Yet, PoE is able to bring 2 benefits to solving those problems easily. It empowers the network cable that supports not only the power to camera but also the network, making the work more convenient and cheaper.

Low Occupancy. Save More Costs.
Storage space occupies an important position in Longse 2MP Starlight Fixed Camera. The caemra supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, and H.264 encoding standards, which can reduce the video storage space occupation and maintain low bit rate and high image quality.

Easy for Your Work
Committed to maximizing convenience, OCX, VMS and FREEIP researched and developed by Longse are suitable for Longse 2MP Starlight Fixed Camera. They make your remote management work more convenient by PC, phone, and tablet.

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