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Longse 5MP Dual-Antenna IP Camera, better monitoring experience Date: 2018-08-29

Dual Antenna to Make transmission better
Longse 5MP Dual-Antenna IP Camera supports 2.4G and 5G dual-frequency standards, making images transmission fast. Wi-Fi 5G frequency band has better anti-interference ability, and images under the band can be perfectly transmitted in places with dense crowds such as shopping malls, streets, restaurants and so on. You now can say goodbye to the inefficient images transmission experience.

Heat Dissipation Design
High or low temperature may affect the normal operation of monitoring, and may even lead to reduce the life expetancy of the camera. In the internal design of the Longse 5MP Dual-Antenna IP Camera, the heat-dissipation design is skillfully adopted, and the temperature can be quickly transmitted to the aluminum alloy case by distributing the heat. In a high-temperature environment, the temperature of the main chip can be maintained below 98 Degrees Celsius, avoiding the broken situation; in an extremely cold environment, it enables the camera to be extremely cold-resistant that it can withstand low temperature of minus 20 degrees, and the camera can still work.

Ultimate enjoyment for your visual experience
Finding the details on the screen will be effortless. Longse 5MP Dual-Antenna IP Camera adopts a 1/2.7" high-resolution CMOS sensor with 5MP HD lens to deliver 2592 x 1944 HD images quality. WDR, IR-CUT, BLC, and defogging can also solve the problems like exposure, color deviation, and blur. Never worry about the sunlight, humid weather, and fog. Once you experience it, you will love it. 

Low Occupancy. Save More Costs.
The compression encoding standard H.265 plays an important role in storage. Compared with H.264, it can maintain the images quality of Longse 5MP Dual-Antenna IP Camera, and can reduce the storage by about 39-44%. SD card slot it has can support up to 128G storage input. You will never be worried about the storage troubles.

Easy for Your Work
Committed to maximizing convenience, OCX, VMS and FREEIP researched and developed by Longse are suitable for Longse 5MP Dual-Antenna IP Camera. They make your remote management work more convenient by PC, phone, and tablet.

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