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Longse 4MP WIFI NVR, a pro of performance and security Date: 2018-07-23

More Channels, Easy for Your Work
Monitoring with more channels is able to make work more efficient. Longse 4MP WIFI NVR provides 4 channels for 4MP, 8 channels for 2MP, 9 channels for 1MP for previewing and playback in monitoring, which can electronically magnify and adjust the images on the screen to increase your work effeciency, getting more information and advoiding spending more time on finding details.

Superior Performance by WIFI
Mighty wireless fidelity technology can also be a role integrating with surveillance products to show better performance. With WIFI, Longse 4MP WIFI NVR, equipped with the advantage of signal stabilization by Router Module, can present HD images and reaches the distance up to 300m under no obstacles. Its great performance can also get rid of complicated wiring projects.
Strong Compatibility. Effortless Experience
To maximize the experience is to staying compatible. Longse 4MP WIFI NVR is perfectly compatible with many leading manufacturers, so that you no longer need to purchase again because of the mismatch and incompatibility. It would be easy all the time for you.

Compression coding technology saves space and cost
Storage space occupies an important position in the recorder. Longse 4MP WIFI NVR supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, and H.264 encoding standards, which can reduce the video storage space occupation and maintain low bit rate and high image quality. The NVR also offers an OCX interactive experience that can not only upgrade the camera's encoding standards, but also is selected to turn it on manully. You will never be this surprised.
Detect and Alarm
The faster the camera detects, the less risks. When something weird is detected in the monitored area, the camera will record and send the alarm information to phone in time, to control every potential risk with excellent detection capabilities.

Easy for Your Work
Committed to maximizing convenience, OCX\VMS\FREEIP\VR PANARAMA researched and developed by Longse support PC, web, phone, and tablet, as they are suitalble for Longse 4MP WIFI NVR, to cover all the needs of users over remote management.

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