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Longse 5MP XVR KITS, with powerful visuals Date: 2018-07-13

Feel the Power from Visuals
Equipped with 5MP AHD cameras up to 8 channels maximum, what Longse 5MP XVR Kits can offer is something powerful over the visuals. It provides clearer and richer monitoring experience with ICR, DWDR, and DNR. It also supports 1/4/8 channels mode. Feel it now.

Get It Started Quickly
Too many devices might give you a complicated impression while using. Plug & Play of Longse 5MP XVR Kits has streamlined the using process - a coaxial cable to XVR and AHD Camera, then power to AHD Camera and XVR - as in image transmission, which it makes work easier.

Detect and Alarm
The faster the camera detects, the less risks. When something weird is detected in the monitored area, the camera will record and send the alarm information to phone in time, to control every possible risk with excellent detection capabilities.

Easy for Your Work
Committed to maximizing convenience, OCX\VMS\FREEIP\VR PANARAMA researched and developed by Longse provides users remote management supporting PC, phone, and tablet, to cover the needs of all aspects.

Camera DIY, Choose What You Like
DIY brings more choices to practical applications. Longse 5MP XVR kits supports Camera DIY offering not only bullet cameras but also dome cameras, to cover the application of the corner position, making the full use of the space.


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