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Longse 4MP Wifi Kits, an Eye-Opening Experience Date: 2018-07-03

Insight into the Horizon
What you see through your eyes is exactly presented right on the screen. Longse 4MP WiFi Kits’4MP cameras equipped with Sony + Huawei HiSilicon solution previews with dual channels displaying 2560*1440 UHD quality, plus BLC, 3DNR and WDR maintain every detail, showing a vivid picture.

Get It Started Quickly
Too many devices might give you a complicated impression while using. Plug & Play of Longse 4MP WiFi Kits has streamlined the using process -  power to IPC and NVR - as in Wifi image transmission, which it is super easy and fast to work with the kits. It also avoids the wiring project, lowering the cost.

Superior Performance by Wifi
Mighty wireless fidelity technology can also be a role integrating with surveillance products to show better performance. WIFI eliminates the complicated and time-consuming wiring project, and the wireless transmission of the video recorder can clearly display high-definition images within an obstacle-free distance up to 300 meters. Hence, the camera can alarm with the wifi on in this case.

A Network System without Loss
Image data might be easily interrupted or lost during transmission due to the network unsteady, causing the loss of transmission data. 4MP Wifi Kits, however, can form a system that will not be affected by the third-party provider, protecting the data anytime.
Detect and Alarm
The faster the camera detects, the less risks. When something weird is detected in the monitored area, the camera will record and send the alarm information to FREEIP app in time, to control every possible risk with excellent detection capabilities.

Easy for Your Work
Committed to maximizing convenience, OCX\VMS\FREEIP\VR PANARAMA researched and developed by Longse provides users remote management supporting PC, phone, and tablet, to cover the needs of all aspects.
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