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Longse 4CH PoE NVR, to offer new experience Date: 2018-06-08

Upgradation for experience, creating more convenience
Designing and manufacturing, with heart, is all about pursuing the ultimate in user experience. Longse Technology 4-channel NVR, with PoE interfaces up to 4, can realize plug-and-play, achieves power supply with a network cable , and then uses the network cable to connect the cameras, saving users more time, energy and cost, and getting to start to explore the visual trip immediately.

Feel and stay amazed
Each shot is presented with delicate and natural effects. 4-channel PoE NVR, supports HD and VGA output, with fully real-time high-quality picture res up to 5MP. No sticking situations happened. It amazes you and makes you feel excited anytime.
A technique for saving your cost and much more
Storage occupies an important position in video recorder. Compared with H.264, H.265 encoding technique reduces the space occupation by 50%, greatly increasing the storage performance, and lowering the cost of buying more. Besides, it can still be output in "low stream, high quality" conditions to make the experience better.

Massive storage, can get the world
Large-capacity storage can become a major advantage of NVR. The 4CH PoE NVR, equipped with SATA, with 6TB, is equivalent to 192 pieces of SD cards with 32GB. Therefore, its cost performance is even higher than the same storage capacity.

Remote management makes work easier
With multiple platforms supporting, monitoring can be as easy as this. OCX, VMS and FREEIP developed by Longse Technology can provide users with remote monitoring at the computer, webpage, and phone as for remote management.

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