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LVDB housing design, with art and strength Date: 2018-06-05

Cooling structure by metal, having multiple benefits
In the face of the test of a hot environment, it could also do its job well. Through the forging of the aluminum alloy melting process, the heat dissipation of the housing design allows the main chip, even at a high temperature of over 100 degrees Celsius, to quickly return to normal working conditions, extending the life of the main chip and avoiding the possibility of burn-out. Its unique cooling structure also saves space and costs.
Simple installation, easy operation
The idea of constantly improving the experience comes from Longse's pursuit of industrial design. The quick installation can be easily achieved by using 4 side-slides at the base, plus 1 screw to fix, enhancing the efficiency and improving the experience.
Spacious design under the base
The fusion of art and experience can demonstrate the spirit of craftsmanship. In the design of LVDB, the height of the base can provide 135*32mm(H) for the wire, hidden under the base, to show a sense of tidiness. In addition, the reduced wire exposure also drops the chance of contacting with water, so as to enhance the safety.

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