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Super Starlight Camera, an upgradation to conquer the dark Date: 2018-05-21

Super Starlight Camera, adopts IMX327 Sony CMOS Sensor, and is developed by R & D team. It can still provide brilliant picture quality even under extreme lowlight environment down to 0.01LUX, surprising you through its night vision effect.

The upgradation of Starlight Camera features naturally good night vision by the Sensor IMX327. Even if the environment around is too dark, it can still restore the colors of image presented.
Upgrading is a trend to a better experience. There are differences between Super Starlight Camera and Starlight Camera. Difference number one is the sensor that dominates a significant position where the night vision effect displays. Sensor IMX327 inside the Super Starlight Camera plays a role that can present an almost orginal picture even under the illuminance 0.01LUX; sensor IMX307 used by Starlight Camera shows a picture which might not be satisfying when below 0.1LUX. After upgrading, the vision effect improves obviously.

Features down below show you an intuitive impression for the camera.

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