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4K UHD Camera, A New Innovation to 4K Era Date: 2018-05-16

4K UHD Camera, with case LBF60, is an innovation that leads HD camera into 4K era in the industry. It’s a breakthrough after the continuous R & D that now HDTVI, as the camera supports, is able to provide high resolution that is 3840(H) x 2160(V), overcoming the low quality when meeting different situations, and creating a better experience to amaze you.

What HDTVI & AHD bring to the picture is the low-loss transmission and noice reduction to video in real time, meaning the quality, even the distance up to 500m, can still remain the same. Progressive Scan, adopted by Analog Modulation Technique, can provide the video ouput with smooth quality which delivers a detailed image without any flaws.

Benefited by 1/2’’ Omnivision 8MP CMOS image sensor, the image captured by the 4K UHD camera restores the color of it perfectly, even in high-contrast lighting conditions.
The 4K HDTVI Camera, provides 3840(H) x 2160(V) UHD images in real-time recording, presenting a smooth and wonderful picture rather than time-delay, bothered user’s experience. Therefore, the view on the screen with ultra clariry and smooth quality creates a sense of joviality when using. 
The distance of transmission over coaxial cable can reach up to 500m, which means it is able to offer the same quality within the distance. Besides, its compression format, H.265, also plays a role that the smaller space, lower bandwith and high quality will be of advantages leveraging the picture.

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