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Smart IR丨Longse to make products more amazing Date: 2018-05-09

Sensitivity to Improve Picture Quality
The technological change brought by Smart IR has sublimated the quality of Longse-made IP Cameras. Therefore, the sensitivity can improve visual effect and guarantee the stable switch.
Min. to Max. Sensitivity Comparison - Move slider to compare them
Min. SensitivityMax. Sensitivity

Sensing the changes
The technique of light board, to play a role in adjusting the IR lights, sensing the environmental change and making the night vision experience better. Meanwhile, its image processing technology will deal with overexposed image, amazing you by its crystal clear picture.
Min. to Max. Brightness Comparison - Move slider to compare them
Min. BrightnessMax. Brightness

Comparison to figure out why
Under the overexposed imaging, Smart IR can thoroughly take care of it for the light by its adaptive ability, optimizing brightness and contrast, making the details of the picture smooth, and bringing you incredible experience.
With or Without Smart IR Comparison - Move slider to compare them
Without Smart IRWith Smart IR

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