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We Are Programmer, We Are Full of Energy Date: 2020-10-26

1024 is the most sensitive number for programmers. 1024 is 2 to powers of ten, one of the basic measurement units for binary counting.
1G = 1024M, and in Chinese, 1G is homophonic with level 1, which also means  excellent. Therefore, 1024 Programmer's Day is a holiday for programmers.

Programmers are like 1024, building this technological world with the most practical, and the most core functional modules. It is their hard work that we can achieve a more convenient life and work experience in the era of mobile phones and the Internet of Everything. In order to thank to the programmers for their hard work, Longse carefully prepared a gift for the R&D center on October 24.

(We are full of energy)

(Thumb up for programmers)

Everything is ready, cosplayer takes gifts to the R&D center.  ↓
(Communicate with programmers)

Give gifts to programmers ↓

Take a photo with cosplayer ↓

Calm thinking to light up the hall of wisdom; abstract ideas to spark of inspiration; ordinary characters to string together a different kind of excitement; delicate language to invigorate procedures; extraordinary talent to open the world of happiness.
Happy Holidays to the programmers of Longse!

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