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9.9 Giving Day, Longse is in Action Date: 2020-09-09

September 9th is also the public welfare activity of Longse. Longse has always been there every year, actively practicing corporate social responsibility and carrying out public welfare activity. The theme of this public welfare day is "Passing Love". With the strong assistance of the Huangpu District Federation of Trade Union and Hongshan Sub-district Office, we have claimed the little-wishes of 35 needy employees and poor residents.  

The host and social worker introduced the event and community information.
Longse volunteers distributed little-wish materials to service objects on site. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, we prepared a mooncake for each service object, wishing everyone happiness and health in advance.
Gifts of roses, fragrance in hand! In order to express their gratitude to our company, the representatives of the service object gave a thank-you card and exquisite handmade gifts in return.
Afterwards, our volunteers were divided into 10 groups, followed by social workers to visit families in need, caring, and personally gave them little-wish materials.
Our volunteers installed donated materials to service objects on site.
Expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families.
The public welfare activity on September 9th is just a microcosm of the passing love by Longse. On the way to the public welfare activity, our volunteers will always work hard.

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