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Longse Technology is in Well Preparation For The 17th China Public Security EXPO Date: 2019-09-06


     The 17th China Public Security EXPO will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on October 28th 2019. As one of the exhibitor in CPSE, Longse Technology attaches great importance to this exhibition and in well preparation for it.

       Longse Technology will invest estimated USD 424,000 into booth decoration and different expenditure during the exhibition. At the same time over 100 staffs including salesman and engineer will attend this exhibition to assist with interpretation job on the products and technical support.

       AI CCTV products like AI IPC, AI XVR , AI NVR will be the highlight in Longse booth as well the new products including HD camera, IP camera, XVR, NVR, CCTV KITS etc. Visitors can know more new products from Longse booth.

       In order to present a better exhibition experience to visitors, below are two notices should be paid attention to.
      1) Before the exhibition visitors need to register in advance at CPSE official website for the permission.

      2) During the exhibition, Longse will provide route guidance and booth information to visitors or you can also get information on site.


        This exhibition will last for 4 days from October 28th-31st . Welcome to visit Longse booth at 1T15-1T16.

​        Warm reminder: the temperature is low during the exhibition, pay attention to keep warm.

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