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Jinan University Set Up EMBA Innovative Talent Practice Base in Longse Technolog Date: 2019-06-25

Jinan University 2017EMBA Zhixing Group visited Longse Technology Co., Ltd. on the afternoon of June 21, 2019.

The guests visited the Longse Science and Technology Exhibition Hall and experienced the newly developed AI face recognition system with great interest. They praised Longse Technology's Smart City and Intelligent Water Conservancy solutions.

Vice President Chen Mingwei expressed his warm welcome to the delegation of Jinan University EMBA Zhixing Group! Vice President Chen shared with the visiting guests the growth story of Longse Technology and the company's development plans in AI and industry solutions. He said that since its establishment in 2006, Longse has seized the opportunity of enterprise development and has grown into the largest video surveillance equipment manufacturer in South China. Continuous innovation of talents and business management mode is one of the key factors. As a student of Jinan University's EMBA, Jinan University's knowledgeable and united, faithful and martyrdom concept has been rooted in the heart, thanks to Jinan University for their own training of several management cadres! Longse attaches great importance to cooperation with universities, and is committed to becoming a high-tech creative enterprise integrating production, education and research. After Jinan University established the EMBA Innovative Talent Practice Base in Longse Technology, it will strengthen exchanges with teachers and students of Jinan University in the future and enrich the enterprise Practical experience in management mode.
After passing the "Practical Base" plaque to Vice President Chen Jin.  Wei Haiying,the secretary of the School of Management in Jinan University, said that the product and development of Longse left a good impression on her and hoped to set up an EMBA practice innovation base. Combine theory with practice, let schools and enterprises play their respective strengths, promote each other, and grow together.
The academic exchange ended in a friendly and enthusiastic applause.

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