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Longse to display Intelligent Retail in ISC West Exhibit Hall Date: 2019-04-12

Longse to display Intelligent Retail in ISC West Exhibit Hall

  •  Intelligent Retail
  •  Patron Traffic statistics
  •  Patron Traffic Attribute
  •  Target Tracking
  •  Membership Identification

Through the statistics and analysis of motion trajectory, the statistics and analysis of hot and cold areas, layout of high efficient motion trajectory, layout of shelf, rational planning of product SKU, reasonable planning of in-store service area, improve average sales per unit area.
Accurately and quickly capture and identify the target from the crowd by the deep learning algorithm with face quick capture, feature extraction, face feature value comparison and other functions.


Longse values reconnecting with existing customers and developing new partnerships. Over the years, Longse has demonstrated growth and strength in the industry at ISC West and will continue to support its partners through its long-standing North American professional staff.

Our excellent workforce meets our customers and partners with quality service. The long-sighted booth showcases our latest products, and our product manager and team of technical experts are on hand to explain the latest product features to our customers, which is a great opportunity to connect with our current and future partners. We also have one-on-one customer meetings in the conference rooms throughout the show.

ISC West is a large-scale exhibition that attracts the international participants that everyone is looking forward to. We will be better and better in the future and connect with more new customers.

## About Longse
Longse Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IOT (Internet of Things) solution provider with video as the core. Our products are sold to more than 180 countries with high reputation. We are continuously devoted to enhancing brand credit and reputation, developing overseas customers, as well as seeking market expansion and promotion, and sharing better and stronger together.
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