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West ISC 2019, Longse showcases the AI Face Recognition for you Date: 2019-04-11

Guangzhou/China - Apr, 10, 2019 - Longse, an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, attended West ISC 2019, at the booth 31043 on day 1. In the product area of the exhibition, Longse demonstrated - Intelligent surveillence, Intelligent retail, Smart VMS, 12MP/8MP AF IP series, Smart Wi-Fi Kit - its latest core technology breakthroughs and products.
Among them, the AI Face Recognition catch most attention:
1. Create a personal database, which is your exclusive security guard
The face recognition monitoring system provides a large-capacity database that can store individual data (photos, etc. ) that all users need to be identified by the machine. Users can save their own personal photos, and other information of their family, friends and relatives to create their own proprietary database. The machine will identify the target based on the database, as long as it is not a person in the database, the system will not input it.                


2. Fast and accurate face matching technology
 In order to maximize the accuracy of face recognition of the system, we use a high-precision face matching algorithm to analyze personal photos in the database, collect nearly 100 facial key points, and reduce the probability of error to a million points. 
 At the same time , the face system is also equipped with a powerful processor, the operation speed is fast, and the whole comparison process takes only a few seconds .

3. The alarm system .
The face recognition system is also equipped with an alarm system . When the captured target cannot successfully match the data onto the existing database , the system will automatically send an alarm message to the user to remind the user that a stranger has entered the identification area, so that the user can timely take precautions.


4. Fast capture .
When the target enters the recognition area , the system will give a prompt . Currently , the attendant only needs to face the camera naturally , and the system will quickly capture the target and perform the comparison identification. The whole process can be completed in just a few seconds. At the same time , during the effective capture of the target time, when the target does not actively cooperate with the recognition , the system will automatically define the target as a stranger and send an alarm message to the user, and it could further improve the safety performance.

Warmly welcome you to visit our booth to get some more information.

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