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Lognse to Showcase AI Technologies at MIPS 2019 Date: 2019-03-25

Longse, an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, attended MIPS 2019, at the booth B131 on day 2. In the product area of the exhibition, Longse demonstrated its latest core technology breakthroughs and products.

In this exhibition, many global distributors, integrators, IT professionals, technology enthusiasts and consumers are invited to join the dialogue around the mega trend solutions.
And Longse AI IP camera captures the attentions.

Face recognition - face detection is performed on the person who has passed the set area (the frame is marked in the preview), the captured face image is stored, and the event video search is performed according to the captured image’s time information.
Number of people statistics - quantitative statistics of people passing by, including the number of people entering and leaving, the accuracy rate is greater than or equal to 90%
Regional intrusion detection - set an area within the monitoring range, when a person enters this area, the alarm will be triggered.
Cross-border detection - set a limit within the monitoring range, people will trigger an alarm when crossing the limit (or other action ).
Wandering Detecting - the person in a certain area for a certain period of time the camera will alarm(the time is configurable, and the time interval size is determined by the final implementation result),
Person gathering detection - set an area within the monitoring range, and detect personnel. When a certain number is reached (the quantity can be configured, ≥ 2, the specific list is provided by the front end) triggers the alarm.

## About Longse
Longse Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IOT (Internet of Things) solution provider with video as the core. Our products are sold to more than 180 countries with high reputation. We are continuously devoted to enhancing brand credit and reputation, developing overseas customers, as well as seeking market expansion and promotion, and sharing better and stronger together.
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