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Smart Alarm Linkage achieved full protection at Dubai Intersec 2019 on day 3 Date: 2019-01-23

Economic & Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou – Jan 22, 2019 –  Longse, an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, announced Smart Alarm Linkage by Smart PIR Kits at SA-L12 provided the booth with full security protection with three kinds of cameras linked together to detect the complex environment and alert users that there’s urgent situation happened, delivering intelligent application to the complex areas.
Smart PIR Kits was one of the hottest items at the booth SA-L12. With PIR Detector Camera,Gas Detector Camera, and Sound Alarm Camera, it can form Smart Alarm Linkage in different positions of one place to reassure the worries from customers as for the complex environment that some normal cameras can’t do what it can do. For example, the body temperature of moving objects and non-moving objects, and gas concentration can be detected by the Smart PIR Kits. When abnormality shows, the Sound Alarm Camera will respond quickly, forming a three-in-one alarm linkage to achieve all-round protection. Customers were happy finding such helpful kits for their places like factory, garden, house, garage and so on.
With continuous investments in R&D, both in IoT solutions and video surveillance, they steadily enable us to innovate our solutions and provide innovative, leading-edge technology and products that are applied to different security needs on different occasions for partners and customers in any part of the world and keep us moving forward.
Exhibition information:
Name: Dubai Intersec 2019
Booth NO.: SA-L12
Date: Jan 20 - 22, 2019
Location: Dubai, UAE.
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