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Longse Italy s.r.l attended Smart Building Levante exhibition Date: 2018-11-28

Longse Technology has attended an exhibition in Italy named Smart Building Levante on 22-23 November 2018 with italian exclusive agency Longse Italy s.r.l.
The scenario for smart innovation
Smart Building Levante is the B2B commercial and information tool that offers professionals in Southern Italy the panorama of technologies and services necessary for the development of building 4.0 through the innovation of electronic, electrical and security systems.
Smart Building Levante born from many years of experience of Smart Building Italia as organizing trade fairs specializing in home and building automation, which have so far found expression in trade fairs in northern Italy such as Bologna and Milan.
In designing an event specifically aimed at operators in Southern Italy and giving them the opportunity to get in direct contact with the new generation electrical, electronic and thermo-hydraulic systems, the choice fell on Bari, a city with a high rate of digital innovation, equipped with one of the best exhibition centers nationwide and already a very receptive venue for open day events organized by Smart Building Italia.
Thanks to the numerous collaborations launched in these years at an institutional and commercial level, Smart Building Levante is a very important event, rich in content and able to offer the market a composite merchandise panorama, very similar in thickness to what was achieved in Bologna and Milan.

Smart Building Levante stands as a reference event that alternates with the two-year editions of Smart Building Expo in Milan taking full advantage of the innovative and propulsive capacity to launch an ideal bridge between north and south Italy giving our country the potential for its technological development.
Connectivity, home and building automation and systems integration, energy efficiency, security and professional audio video are the great themes of Smart Building Levante, which is proposed as the 4.0 to 360-degree exhibition of installation engineering innovation.
A meeting designed for all operators in the intelligent building supply chain: designers, installers, system integrators, construction companies, public administrations, building managers.
Smart Building Levante is the flagship event of 2018 of the Smart Building Italia platform which, with its more than 32 thousand professional contacts, is a fundamental resource for professionals and companies operating in the sectors of the smart building industry, aimed at increasing the their business.

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