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Longse showcases the smart features at Essen 2018 on day 2 Date: 2018-09-27

Economic & Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou – September 26, 2018 –  Longse, an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, attended Essen 2018, at the booth 7F43 on day 2, showing hot items at the booth with smart alarm and high sensitivity.
Smart XVR Kits was one of the hottest items at the booth 7F43. With PIR Detector Camera, Gas Detector Camera, and Sound Alarm Camera, it can form Smart Alarm Linkage in different positions of one place to reassure the worries from customers as for the complex environment that some normal cameras can’t do what it can do. For example, the body temperature of moving objects and non-moving objects, and gas concentration can be detected by the Smart XVR Kits. When abnormality shows, the Sound Alarm Camera will respond quickly, forming a three-in-one alarm linkage to achieve all-round protection. Customers were happy finding such helpful kits for their places like factory, garden, house, garage and so on.

Sound-Light Alarm camera was being inquired very often. With high sensibility, this camera is able to quickly flash with warning light when it captures moving targets. Customers out there were experiencing the features. Its light at night can drive out the intruders and make users feel safer in some way. Equipped with IR lights, its night vision can make the camera record clearer.
At the exhibition, Longse showcased those products favored by customers, with smart features, aiming to tackle security challenges in the areas of object detection and so on.
Longse has, at ESSEN 2018, demonstrated how the products helped recognize the risk, with smart alarm, UHD and such, reducing false alarm and danger in a intelligent, data-driven approach.
Exhibition information
ESSEN 2018
Booth NO.: 7F43
Date: Sept. 25-28
Location: Essen, Germany
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Longse Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IOT (Internet of Things) solution provider with video as the core. Our products are sold to more than 180 countries with high reputation. We are continuously devoted to enhancing brand credit and reputation, developing overseas customers, as well as seeking market expansion and promotion, and sharing better and stronger together.
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