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See what Longse can offer for World Cup in Russia Date: 2018-06-15

The FIFA WORLD CUP, held in Moscow, Russia, this year kicked off at 6 pm on June 14, 2018. The first stadium for the first round was Luzhniki stadium in Russia. Tens of thousands of fans and spectators arrived at the scene to cheer for the beloved  team and enjoyed the game.

World Cup events are being followed all over the world, and Russia’s investment in security industry is also important. Video surveillance, access control and detection are used as security cores at entrances and exits, and 4K ultra-high-definition cameras, super-starlight cameras, etc. are deployed to monitor, respond, and analyse the entrances and exits, rostrum, VIP rooms, competition management areas, and News media areas, timely warning and controlling the occurrence of various kinds of emergencies inside and outside the stadium, in order to give full play to the good application of Internet of Things and solutions in sports industry. In addition to focusing on the stadium, security measures are also covered over urban areas, streets, airports, subways, shopping malls and other pedestrian-intensive areas, to achieve controlling and responding the issues for the city, regions, streets and venues.
Russia's security market and Longse’s export volumes to Russia
In the past two years, the overall security environment in Russia's domestic security market is getting better. It is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today, and its demand for security products is also increasing – The investment for Safe City, Sports, Retail, oil and gas and banking is the largest. With hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in investment each year, we can reduce risks in major events in major industries by using big data, visual management, and IoT(Internet of Things), to prevent losses, and increase efficiency of security work.
As a friendly neighboring country of Russia, China has frequent economic and trade exchanges and they have been shown positive singal between two countries. Longse, as one of the representatives of China's security industry, is a video-centric Internet of Things solution provider committed to providing global security products and services. As an intimate trading partner of Longse, Russia has a demand purchasing IP cameras and NVRs for about tens of millions US dollars every year, with the trends rising, to play a role in Russia’s major industries as well as World Cup events.
Longse is able to contribute an effort to World Cup 
With the development of high-definition, intelligence, and AI, intelligent video surveillance can solve various demands in industries. Products have become mainstream in Russia and even in the world. So what products of Longse are able to offer for the World Cup and audiences? 
Luzhniki Stadium, the largest stadium in Russia, can accommodate about 80,000 people. This undoubtedly creates obstacles for the camera on wiring, however the WIFI Kits can perfectly overcome it. The main advantage of the WIFI Kits is that network monitoring can be implemented without plugging in the network cables after setting up, which avoids the major projects of complex wiring and allows the cost to be lower and the time to be less needed. The IR-CUT of the 2MP HD camera supports the natural adjustment of the day and night modes, solving color deviation problems, and making the imaging more natural and delicate.

Super Starlight Camera
Moscow is five hours behind Beijing, and would have been evening at the opening of the World Cup. However, the application of Superstar cameras at the venue can play a role. The camera uses an IMX327 Sony CMOS sensor, which can deliver excellent image quality and reduce picture color even in low-light  environments like 0.01 LUX. If it is raining, it , with IP66 shell protection level, can even withstand wave-like violent impact.

FREEIP, VR Panarama
A 90-minute game is not too long or short. But somehow home or somebody at home needs to be taken care of - FREEIP or VR Panarama can help audiences solve those problems. Both applications can be remotely monitored and the latter one is dedicated to fisheyes. The two applications are user-centered, with user-friendly UI design, simplifying and optimizing the operation. Audiences can view over Phone or Tablet anytime and anywhere. VR Panarama has an unique community sharing function. After adding friend, you can also post the images captured by the camera in the “community” inside of the application, and share it with your friends.If the camera is installed in the venue, the feeds of the event will be able to post over the community anytime.
With the vigorous development of the sports industry, the number of sporting events in Russia and even the world is also showing a growing trend. Security measures for stadiums are also upgrading, and they are advancing with smarter and safer aims for customers. Longse has expanded its market with its own advantages in applications such as big data and high-definition video surveillance technologies. It has continued to deepen the field of security, and has been advancing in the direction of smart, safe, and innovative development with more security products and solutions.

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