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Securex South Africa: charm made from good products and services Date: 2018-05-30

From May 22 - 24, Agency of Longse had a successful exhibition at Securex South Africa. Thanks for coming. Products and services at the booth amazed customers and made them feel satisfactory. Take a look at it.

Awesome products attracts attention
Products diversified at the booth had become focus. Through what they had shown on the screen, customers, at the first sight, noticed their differences which apply to different scenes and situations. PTZ Camera was one of them - The PTZ, with 1/2.5" Aptina 5.1MP High Performance CMOS Sensor, displayed its strength capturing the obejcts clearly and smoothly, especially when using optical zoom up to 20X. In addtion, there were other cameras that were popular too: WIFI Kits, Fisheye and such.
Solutions offered for customers,with good service
Needs of customers are come from life that products applied to them can solve. But with good service altogether, it can leave them a better impression to a future partnership. Under a patient guidance, effect presentation and complete introduction, Fisheye camera was fond of by customers, as it can be applied to many applications and has 360 degrees recording advantage presenting crystal clear picture with wide angle. Plus, it can also record in multiple modes, to capture more objects. Customers, felt great about it knowing that it can fix and meet the problems and needs.

Teamwork makes better partnership
Every effort created from every single member of the team is of importance. The job to introduce the products, the job to listen to the needs, the job to offer solutions - they are all gathering together just to go for one goal that is satisfaction to customers, based on attitude and speciality, making a better partnership in the future.

Thanks again for attending Securex South Africa. See you next time!

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