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Press Conference was Successfully Held by Agency of Longse in Albania Date: 2018-05-08

Economic & Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou – May 7, 2018 – Longse, an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, attended the press conference held by Agency in Tirana, Albania, introducing overview of Longse and new products as well as roadmap towards future.

On the morning of the 7th, the conference was opened in Tirana. With development and transformation of technology, Longse is developing rapidly under the pace of globalization, thus its products, with diversity and functionality, will meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions more, making partners know how and why it works deeply, Kela Saiillari, General Manager of Agency of Longse Technology in Albania, said in the conference.
Rudens Sina, Sales Director of Agency of Longse Technology in Albania, introduced that its company can meet more opportunities and cooperation in security industry, thanks to the influence, quality, and internationalization brought by Longse, all around the globe, having more 
customers agreed with. 

The product launch was initiated by the agency of Longse Technology in Albania. Ermal Sallaku,  Vertical Market Sales Engineer, gave a detailed introduction for everyone: the PTZ Camera (PT5A, PT7E Series), DIY Kit (Kits Series), NVR, Network Camera(LBB60/90 series), HD Coaxial Camera (LBN24, LVWDC20 Series) and other star products and cutting-edge technologies in industry. During the conference, the star-studded cameras in the booth played their part, presented a high-definition experience on the screen, allowing the partners to enjoy and understand the latest products and effects deeply and intuitively.

Subsequently, Jenny Liu, Sales Engineer of Longse Technology, explained the overview of Longse, corporate philosophy, research and development capabilities, and production capabilities for everyone, positioning globalization with constant missions, striving for excellence, and winning unanimous recognition at the scene.
Lastly, Tom Lan, Marketing Diretor of Longse Technology, brought us a blueprint for the company: from the marketing overview to the future; from product strength to sales strength that it deeply positioned and interpreted the current situation and the future development, bringing the atmosphere to a climax, and getting a long-lasting applause.
The convening of the conference not only promoted the close communication between agents and partners, but also deepened the long-term cooperation between Longse Technology and agency. Longse has always adhered to the mission of “More secure, More intelligent”, with the aim of customers, to strengthen cooperation with partners, further enhance the ability to responding to the market, and to launch intelligent security products and cutting-edge technologies to win more customers.

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