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The hope to be given during Human Rights Day by Longse Date: 2017-12-12

Human Rights Day 2017

The Human Rights Day, by UNESCO, has been passed through UDHR, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on Dec 10, 1948, aiming at deepening universal respect for the dignity, equality and mutual respect of all women and men. Almost seventy years later, this mandate has not aged a day. Promoting human rights remains an essential task – not just on Human Rights Day, but on every day of the year, for every woman and man, everywhere. 

However, the universal values of equality, justice, cultural diversity, peace and especially security, are still building, in some regions or countries put on the stage where a lot of people watch and care. 

People suffering from lacking security cannot meet the demand somehow, thus the monitoring devices to support must be helpful, as Longse is devoted to researching and developing more reliable surveillance products, to provide you with the protection when your right is being infringed. May you stay safe and sound now and forever. Hope you had a wonderful Human Rights day!

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