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Longse releases bitdog to bring you a whole new monitoring experienceDate: 2018-09-07

Longse, an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, releases bitdog*, a whole new remote management application, compared with Freeip, on September 7, 2018, to provide users with upgraded experience and new functions in using.
The name of bitdog which consists of “Bit” representing the Internet and “dog” that stands for loyalty and reliability is the definition to offering users more secure, more reliable and more stable IoT solution with video as the core. With the round shape design idea, letter "b" is like either the vehicle wheel going through wind and rain or bright eye watching something, representing not only the drivng force to the brand, but also the target cultivating in video surveillance industry. Besides, word "it", with its unique graphic design, brings differently profound meaning to the abstraction's structure itself - π-like structure featuring pi that has infinite non-repeating feature - and expresses the concept that has been upholding the innovation and services under the globalization.

Compared with Freeip, bitdog fits the user's habits from the overall experience. It’s getting easier to operate: from login to previewing, from settings to functions, the camera can just be perfectly matched with the application giving users better expeirence.
Comparisons are shown below:
-    On the login interface, bitdog adopts a neat and simple UI design, and incorporates a puppy with the cute and reliable images, making the entire application vivid. Monitoring can never be this interesting. Subsequently, bitdog will also be upgraded, and the third-party login portal will be added to the screen to suit users with different needs.
-    Committed to improving management efficiency, bitdog with the menu on the left puts the three main functions of “Gallery”, “Event Message” and “Cloud Device” on top. You are going to just spend less than 2 seconds to view alert information, video in cloud storage, recording files, and screenshots, avoiding the trouble of not being able to check in an emergency on the application.
-    bitdog is created with a premise based on a more user-friendly experience. In addition to the "Preview" of Freeip, the "Playback" and "VR" are on the homepage. You don't have to click "Profile" again to enter to view them. It saves you time and energy.

-    In addition to the functions of Freeip, bitdog has also added more features. By clicking on the device and entering the details, you can turn on the alarm switch and deployment time for weeks, and can select the encoding standard of H.265+, H.265, H.264, and the resolution and frame rate in the application in which it not only saves space, but also lowers the requirement for the network speed. Storage management can also be easily realized by bitdog, and the capacity of the hard disk or the TF card can be viewed at any time. If needed, you can format it too. In the future, IP/DDNS & Playback where the device playback can be viewed without being affected by camera binding, and Artificial Intelligence, will be added. As in AI, Face Recognition and Passenger Flow Analysis will also be added into bitdog for better monitoring experience.
By scanning or searching bitdog on either Google Play Store or App Store, you may get the journey of experiencing on this new app started now.

*bitdog supports the products newly launched in these months with BD version so far.

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