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The willpower and spirit of Longse’s staff members in the sports meeting Date: 2017-11-29

Guangzhou city, at the beginning of Winter, has been hit seriously by snap cold. While the cold atmosphere was bothering around, there was always a way to figure out - that’s sports meeting held in Longse to break everything cold!

During November, there were cheers and applause from the industrial park of Longse. The joyous sports meeting organized this year make every corner fill with the spirit and pride as well as willpower from the staff members.

The staff members actively participated in this meeting in this year, including 21 groups, 330 players, and 45 work staffs and judges. There were 3 traditional programs and 5 fun programs in this sports meeting, in which they are table tennis, billiards, basketball as well as “Eggs challenge”, “Sponge to fly”, “Pressure on the balloons”, “Joint operations”,and“Marathon” respectively. Besides, every event can train the ability of practice, thought and willpower, and can train the collaborated ability among the members.

From the beginning to the end of the sports meeting, every group and players who attended withstood against the cold winter, showing not only the enthusiasm, but also the indomitable spirit and willpower.

Let's check out the brilliant moments had among the programs as well as the award closing ceremony.

Table tennis contest

Billiards contest

Basketball contest

Eggs challenge

Sponge to fly

Pressure on the balloons

Joint operations


Closing ceremony
All programs were finished till Nov.27, 2017. Thus, closing ceremony was holding on Nov.29, having awarding moments for all the players!

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