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Longse High lights At the Just Past Of EXPOSEC Show Date: 2017-06-02

Congratulations, Longse had a successful show in 2017 EXPOSEC and won a large number of High attention.


Longse adpot the red logo, new red logo indicates the new image of Longse Group with activeness, entrepreneurship and enthusiasm.

Even more, it shows determination that Longse are committed to the higher cost performance product and superior service.



This year Longse is still a regular attender in this exhibition as the most of Chinese companies have quit taking part in this show.

It symbolizes that the strong strength of Longse and Longse products are approved by more and more customers. Below are the pictures showing Longse enjoyed great popularity at the secne of EXPOSEC.


Our Dear customers speak highly of our products as below:

The Software from Longse such as VMS, OCX is better than before, many our customers like it, more easily than before, Longse are doing a great job to improve its quality, we will continue to do business with you from another 4 years.   - Luis


Your new products 1MP WIFI IPC KITS on the wall has a great and very good quality, the WIFI Can through 5 walls and search the signal very wall and do not have any delay, your company has provide a strong support and help us get many Orders. -- Alex


We already bought your Fisheye IP Camera 6MP and works very good, we also believe your new Fisheye camera will works better.  --Fernando


More than that, high praise have been given on our products by customer W.C.A. from Brail.



▼Most of our customer pay a high attend to our fisheye camera 4MP and 1MP WIFI IPC KITS of the show:






Sincerely Thanks for your coming and highly attentions, See you Next year!

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