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Longse 3MP/4MP HD Camera and 1080P XVR Date: 2017-01-18

Longse 3MP/4MP HDCameraand5 in 1 1080P XVR


Part I: 4MP/3MP HD Camera

Longse 3MP HD Camera have launched on August which got many clients great feedback because of the nice image and very competitive price.

Now we have released 4MP HD Camera, it is the new market!


What's the advantage of Lognse 4M/3M HD camera

1. High cost-effective: Just a little higher price than 2MP Cameras but greatly improve the image effect

2. 5MP Lens+4MP Sensor, which is the main difference compared with 3MP AHD.

3. PCB Board Size 32*32 support over 80 housings.



Solution for 3MP/4MP HD Camera

3MP AHD/TVI: AR0330+NVP2470H, Support OSD and UTC


4MP AHD: OV4689+NVP2475H


4MP TVI/SDI: IMX326+EN779 Two BNC output 4M TVI/SDI are coming soon !


Image Comparison for 4MP/3MP HD

Solution: 4MP AD400V:  OV4689+NVP2475H

3MP AD300NA: AR0330+NVP2470H


Support WDR, OSD & UTC Function.


WDR off & WDR on



With OSD joystick and UTC menu



How about Longse price VS H and D

Compare for the same resolution and image effect 4mp Camera, Longse price is 33.67% cheaper than H, and cheaper 30.47% than D



Part II: 5 In 1 XVR.


What is XVR?

The recorder can outputs AHD, CVI, TVI,IP and CVBS signals at same time !

32/16/8/4 Channel can be chosen, with the casing type of PG, A and U.


Why choose Longse XVR?

1 XVR can output 5 signal: IPC AHD TVI CVI and CVBS ! Great cost savings!

High definition output, support 4K IP Camera and 4MP HD analog.

DIY Video Input.

Taking 1080P 8CH XVR for an example, it has below options.

A. If Analog Only, 8PCS*4MP.

B. Analog + IP: 6PCS*Analog(4MP)+ 10PCS*IP Camera(Max 8MP)

4PCS*Analog(4MP)+12PCS*IP Camera(Max 8MP)

2PCS*Analog(4MP)+14PCS*IP Camera(Max 8MP)

C. IP Camera Only 32PCS*IP Camera(Max 8MP)


Mass storage:



Support Onvif Protocol, Compatible with most of network cameras in the market.


Simple interface, easy to operate.


⑥ Stable, Hisilicon Processor.



Supporting 5 signals, can be used as NVR, Analog DVR, AHD DVR, CVR and TVR. Save you cost!


Competitive price.

Other suppliers’ price is 46%-62% higher than Longse 1080N XVR, 50.7%-62% higher than LONGSE for 1080P XVR.



Choose Longse, Choose Professional

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