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What Is New For Longse WIFI Kits? Date: 2016-12-19

What Is New For Longse WIFI Kits?

Ⅰ. What is new for LONGSE WIFI Kits?

1.1&2MP 8CH WIFI Kits Released

8CH system comes with 2MP IPC high resolution, few companies can offer this, which helps you stand out among the market.

2.PG Style WIFI NVR with 5dBi Antenna

1)Advantages: Thinner+ Better heat dispersion+ Beautiful outlook, more suitable for consumer market

2)Features: H.265/H.264, unique 4x RJ45, HDMI & VGA

3)Application: Housing not only for WIFI NVR, but also use for XVR and wired NVR.

3.Upgraded to Black Film WIFI IPC


2)Superior Black Film:

?New image & style, higher IR transmittance 90.4%, more clear night vision

?LED from 12μto 42μ, stronger lighting and longer distance

4.Farther Transmission Distance Up to 200m

1)NoObstacles: increased from 100m to 200m

2)With Walls Blocking: increased from 30m to 40m, own to upgraded antenna, stronger signal.

Except unique new arrivals, Longse comprehensive WIFI systems have wider range of options.

Ⅱ. WIFI Solution & Price



3.Recommendation:4MP WIFI KITS

LONGSE is the first company who released the H.265 WIFI KITS after HIK. Price is 25% lower than market average price for 4MP H.265 Wifi Kits

with better image quality:

?4MP WIFI IPC -- Daytime Image

?4MP WIFI IPC -- Nighttime Image

? Image Quality Comparison with Other Competitors:

More wifi kits info please visit

Note:4CH WIFI KITS also upgrade to new housing, longer transmission distance and competitive price.

For more information, please feel free to contact us

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