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Longse 360 Date: 2016-09-18

Longse 360° 6Mp Full View Fisheye IP Camera

▲ What is Fisheye camera

A fisheye camera is a camera that uses an extremely wide-angle lens to capture a viewing range of 180 or 360 degrees. This type of camera is

called a “fish eye” because it approximates the vision of a fish’s convex eye. The lens produces curvilinear images of a large area, while distorting

the perspective and angles of objects in the image.

Stream mode

? Fisheye + Panoramic + 3*PTZ

? Fisheye or 4* PTZ

? Fisheye mainstream + Fisheye substream +3*PTZ

? Panorama mainstream + Panorama substream

Leading Technology

? Large Aperture Lens

? Smart ICR

? Intelligent motion detection

? Remote monitoring

? SD card

▲ Advantage:

? Powerful chip, Ambarella S2E66

? Fisheye len

? Wide-angle camera shooting

▲ Application

? Market

? Parlour

? Hotel

? Store

? Balcony

▲ Specification

Choose Longse, Choose Professional

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