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The last day in Intersec 2016, any surprises from Longse?Date: 2016-01-19

The last day in Intersec 2016, any surprises from Longse?

Here are the pictures from the scene of Dubai 2016, come on and join us!

Below are the feedbacks from our customers:

1. IPC with good performance:

The online demo link:   User: longse Password:12345678

2.Phone app FreeIP improves: The effects is better and the connection is steady.

Below are our freeip server in the world.

3. AHD DVR enjoys good reputation. Tribrid solution is popular and gets affirmations.

After comparison with other supplier in the whole exhibition hall,  the customers are amazed at the effects of Longse AHD DVR,

even some customer confirm and place the order at the site.

Today is the last day for exhibition, catch the chance and meet Longse here.



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