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New Housing-Joint Ball bullet LBN24 Date: 2015-04-30

New Housing- Joint Ball bullet LBN24
For any directions, any solutions


Accurate and Elegant Design


LBN24 is designed in bullet camera type with IR night version view. Fixed lens among 3.6mm has been

adopted to different projects. Widely applied to office, school, government, supermarket etc.


 5 color decoration rings for selection


 Five colors: sky-blue, black, silvery white, vermilion red and golden for you to choose freely.

You can choose the color base on your preference and the design of the building.


Detailed explanation
Joint ball bracket for any direction


 Without painting on the joint ball will avoid the scratches when rotate the Bracket.



All solution are available

Scientific design make LBH24 can adjust all solution of security camera , including HD-IP Camera,

 HD-Analog Camera and normal Analog Camera.



 The evolution from LICE24 to LBN24



The LBN24 is the upgrade design of the LICE24N and LBH24. It inherit the advantage of easy to assemble,

and concise painting. But the newly added colorful eyelet make the camera to be unique and more energetic.


The Joint Ball Bracket have a big improvement from LICE24N to LBN24, with the universal ball joint,

it will be more convenience to position and adjust.

Any interesting to take samples? Email:us at info@longse.complease.


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